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401 Date of Interment: 8 Aug 1985
Section: Lots Section 18B
Lot, Range, Grave: 378, NA, 2 
SOLIMANDO, May wife of Nicholas (I176)
402 Daughter of Thomas Francis OBrien (1887-1957) and Anna Beatrice Cashman (1888-1968). She married Joseph J. Gallagher and they had at least 5 children; Robert E., Susan M., Steven M., Carol A. + David J. Patricia was a devoted wife and mother. Her husband preceded her and she spent the remainder of her life with her children, grandchildren and was blessed with great grandchildren. She was an avid golf fan, loved puzzles and intellectual games and thoroughly ejoyed summering in Wellfleet. To stay in shape, she walked daily to Plymouth Harbor and stopped at the local Dunkin Donuts as a highlight to her walks. O'BRIEN, Patricia Ann (I238)
403 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Spouse F126
404 Deaths for Dec. 31
Helen Hamborg


Helen Marie Swift Hamborg, 93, of East Lawyers Road, Monroe, died Tuesday, Dcember 29, 2009, at CMC-Union.

She was born in Rockland, Mass., on April 26, 1916, to the late Edward and Catherine O'Connor Swift. Helen was married to the late Richard O. Hamborg, Sr. for over fifty years.

Helen was an active member of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Monroe, and its Altar Guild.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be at St. Cecilia's Church, North Wilbraham, Mass., with interment at Hillcrest Park, Springfield, Mass., at a later date. There will be no calling hours.

Helen is survived by her son, Richard O. Hamborg, Jr., and his wife, Roberta, of Monroe. She is also survived by her granddaughters, Christine Hamborg Dunlap and husband William Dunlap, of Lowell, NC; and Cathleen Hamborg Fisher and husband James Fisher of Mt. Pleasant, SC; and great-grandchildren William R. Dunlap and Elizabeth Dunlap of Lowell, NC.

Gordon Funeral Service is caring for the Hamborg family locally.

Online condolences may be made at 
SWIFT, Helen Marie (I940)
405 Did not marry. VERROCHI, Anne Marie (I1852)
406 Died at age 11 months. ROSSITER, Elizabeth (I1296)
407 Died at age 12 yrs 8 months. ROSSITER, William H. (I1295)
408 Died at age 2. VERROCCHI, Vincenzo (I1504)
409 Died at age 31 years 3 months. ROSSITER, James A. (I1291)
410 Died at age 52. Parents: Frank and Hannah Jordan both born in Ireland. JORDAN, Ann (I991)
411 Died at home, 74 Greenleaf Street, sometime around midnight. (Source: Daniel Bartholmew Reardon, privately published biography) REARDON, Daniel Bartholomew (I771)
412 Died unmarried and childless at age 30. ROSSITER, Lawrence Jr. (I1292)
413 died young MCKENNA, Bertha Cecelia (I1084)
414 died young MCKENNA, Agnes (I1083)
415 died young MCKENNA, James Eugene (I1082)
416 Diocese of Cloyne (Aghabullogue, County Cork, Ireland).  Extract From The Marriage Register.  Privately held by Jay Cashman, Quincy, MA. 2011. Source (S7)
417 DISPROVED / This piece of data has been proved unlikely because Christian's son Bennett was born in 29 Aug 1887 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Christian and his wife had to have immigrated before that date. JENSEN, Christian (I1603)
418 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Spouse F49
419 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1003)
420 During her senior year at Radcliffe, Anna Beatrice Cashman was vice-president of the Radcliffe class of 1909; a member of the French Club, on the Class Book Committee, on the Senior Dance Committee, in the Music Club, and a member of the Class Basketball Team. She was a member of the Mandolin Club and the Athletic Association for all four years.

According to family lore, Anna Beatrice, taught on Block Island. (Source: John Curran, conversation: 26 Nov 2012) 
CASHMAN, Anna Beatrice (I671)
421 E-mail to Donna Goldstein, Giuliana Verrochi.  Privately held by Giuliana Verrochi, Potenza, Italy. Source (S131)
422 East Abington REARDON, Mary Adeline (I770)
423 East Abington REARDON, Katherine F. (I769)
424 Edith Kathryn finished four years of college. She was a graduate of Wheaton in 1929 and the Katherine Gibbs School in 1930.

In 1935, lived in Medford, MA.

In 1940, lived in a house at 85 Sagamore Avenue, Medford, MA, rented for $60 per month. He worked as a salesman and was paid $4000/year. 
WHITNEY, Edith Katherine (I1347)
425 Eileen Murphy Breen was a very active communist. Gerard Devlin thinks that she was the Massachusetts Communist Party treasurer.

Accoring to a Boston Globe article published on 28 Jan 1958, Eileen was said to have been a member of the Quincy branch of the Communist party in 1946; was the sponsor of the Paul Robeson concert in 1952; was author of a letter to Judge Medina requesting mistrail for Communist leaders; and was a member of the Committee to Secure Justice for the Rosenbergs. 
MURPHY, Eileene (I260)
426 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I879)
427 Ellen married her first husband, Charles Jensen, when she was 19 years old.
She was widowed at age 48.
She married her second husband, Carl D. Modeweg, when she was 61 years old. 
HANSEN, Ellen R. (I1596)
428 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Spouse F199
429 Ernest completed four years of college. SCOTT, Ernest Peck (I1217)
430 Family lore says that when Ann's 3-yr old son, Robert, was killed by an automobile, Ann went over to comfort the hysterical driver of the car, who was a daughter of the founder of Grossman's. (Source: John Curran, conversation 26 Nov 2012) REARDON, Robert "Bobby" (I292)
431 Foss, A. E..  History and Directory of Rockland and Hanover, for 1892.:  Containing a Complete Resident, Street and Business Directory, Town Officers, Schools, Societies, Churches, Post Offices, Etc., Etc..  Boston, MA:  Brown Bros. & Co., 1892. Source (S140)
432 Foss, A. E..  Resident and Business Directory of Rockland, Hanover and Norwell, Massachusetts. 1907.:  Containing a Complete Resident, Street and Business Directory, Town Officers, Schools, Societies, Churches, Post Offices, State Census of 1905, Etc..  Hopkinton, MA:  A. E. Foss & Co., 1907. Source (S134)
433 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1280)
434 From Diane Kliebert's notes:

Peter Murphy came from Waterford County, Ireland. He arrived in NY on 31 Mar 1850. He became a US Citizen on 7 May 1859 in Boston. We know that Peter could write because he signed his name on his naturalization papers.

"Peter Murphy owned the Merrymount House in Scituate. Discovered that there was moss off the Scituate coast and gathered it. Peter offered jobs to young Irish men who had come from Ireland. They would stay at the Merrymounh House and do mossing." - from Stan Murphy 
MURPHY, Peter (I305)
435 from passenger list Jamaica to Boston SPENCE, James William Jr. (I350)
436 From the collection of Catherine Cronin. Source (S322)
437 From the collection of Catherine Cronin. Source (S31)
438 Funeral director was Sweeney Brothers. CASHMAN, Mary Agnes "Minnie" (I670)
439 Garden: Gethsemane - Lot: 247B - Space: 1 VERROCHI, Thomas Jr. (I1902)
440 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I1819)
441 Garden: Gethsemane - Lot: 247B - Space: 4 VERROCHI, Mariano Albert (I2217)
442 Garden: Gethsemane // Lot: 247A // Space: 1 VERROCHI, Thomas Sr. (I1060)
443 Garden: Gethsemane // Lot: 247A // Space: 2 ROMANELLI, Mary Katherine (I1901)
444 GeneaNet, discussion list.;pz=eugene;nz=weatherby;ocz=0;p =anna;n=cashman : 2012. Source (S60)
445 Godparents were Cosimo Sansone and Ida Sansone. VERROCHI, Frank (I799)
446 Godparents were Daniel Falvey and Maria Ford. CASHMAN, James Eugene Sr. (I452)
447 Godparents were Daniel Ford and Anne Ford. CASHMAN, Anna Beatrice (I671)
448 Godparents were Daniel Riordan and Catherine Cashman. O'CONNOR, Julia Elizabeth (I26)
449 Godparents were Dennis Cashman and Ellen Cashman. CASHMAN, Mary Agnes "Minnie" (I670)
450 Godparents were Dennis Donavan and Nora Gallagher. REARDON, Francis Dennis (I336)
451 Godparents were Dionysius Cashman [Dennis Cashman] and Maria Carey. O'CONNOR, Catherine Adeline (I25)
452 Godparents were Edward F. Murphy and Sara E. Murphy. MURPHY, Edward Eugene (I549)
453 Godparents were Edward F. Murphy and Sara E. Murphy. MURPHY, Leo Peter (I258)
454 Godparents were Edward Murphy and Sara Murphy. CASHMAN, Francis Augustine (I677)
455 Godparents were Edward Murphy and Sara Murphy. MURPHY, Madeline Emma (I261)
456 Godparents were Edward Murphy and Sara Murphy. MURPHY, Annie (I87)
457 Godparents were Edward Powers and Johanna Powers. REARDON, Vincent Michael (I342)
458 Godparents were George F. Dwyer and Josephine Barry. MURPHY, Veronica "Vera" (I262)
459 Godparents were James and Helen Lombard. CASHMAN, Eugene (I500)
460 Godparents were James Cashman and Margaret Connors. O'CONNOR, James Francis (I690)
461 Godparents were James Corkery and Rosanna Foy. SPENCE, Sara Jane (I826)
462 Godparents were Jeremiah Ford and Mary Cashman. CASHMAN, Marion Frances (I464)
463 Godparents were Jeremiah Mc[can't read] and Margaret Scully . CASHMAN, William E. (I192)
464 Godparents were John and Hannah Cashman. CASHMAN, Edward Leo (I193)
465 Godparents were John Barry and Margaret Doherty. MURPHY, Patrick Henry (I816)
466 Godparents were John Cashman and Joanna Keleher. REARDON, Mary Adeline (I770)
467 Godparents were John E. Murphy and Anna Murphy. MURPHY, Joseph Nathan (I259)
468 Godparents were John Ford and Maria Ford. CASHMAN, Alice (I672)
469 Godparents were John Reardon and Maria Donavon. REARDON, Helen Elizabeth (I335)
470 Godparents were John Sullivan and Anna Sullivan. REARDON, Charles Ambrose (I340)
471 Godparents were Joseph Leppen and Nazarene Pondeliaco VERROCHI, Joseph "Gennarino" (I278)
472 Godparents were Luke Cashman and Margaret Ford. CASHMAN, Helen Frances (I669)
473 Godparents were Michael Moriarty and Cath Moriarty. REARDON, Mabel Dwight (I334)
474 Godparents were Michael Owen and Mart Flood. SHEA, Annie T. (I696)
475 Godparents were Michael Riordan and Helena Cashman. REARDON, Alice Cashman (I772)
476 Godparents were Michael Shea and Lucy Barry. SHEA, Michael E. (I789)
477 Godparents were Patrick McKey and Catherine Cashman. [Note: this is the Catherine A. Cashman who married John Francis McIntyre] CASHMAN, Catherine Adeline "Addie" (I310)
478 Godparents were Patrick O'Connor and Julia Reardon. O'CONNOR, William Timothy (I786)
479 Godparents were Patrick Sullivan and Mary Donavan. REARDON, Mary Elizabeth (I477)
480 Godparents were Robert Tisdel and Catherine Cashman. CASHMAN, Joseph (I501)
481 Godparents were Thomas Condon and Mary Cashman . CASHMAN, Mary Priscilla (I189)
482 Godparents were Thomas Shea and Anna Hamilton. SHEA, Catherine "Kate" (I695)
483 Godparents were William Cashman and Alicia L. Cobb. CASHMAN, Eleanor Katherine (I465)
484 Godparents were William Cashman and Margaret McCabe. CASHMAN, John Joseph Sr. (I975)
485 Godparents were William Cashman and Mary A. Spence. SPENCE, John Frederick (I348)
486 Godparents were William H. Riordan and Mary Phelan. REARDON, Anna Gertrude (I341)
487 Godparents were William J. O'Connor and Mary F. Cashman. CASHMAN, Henry A. (I673)
488 Godparents were William Keely and Rosanna Owen. SHEA, Helen Elizabeth "Lizzie" (I698)
489 Godparents were WIlliam Walsh and Elizabeth Casey. NELLIGAN, Delia T. (I231)
490 Godparents werr Cornelius Murphy and Elizabeth A. Murphy. REARDON, John Joseph (I337)
491 Gorham H. Whitney.  Privately held by Donna Goldstein. Source (S274)
492 Grace is buried in Section 22 Mt. Lebanon in Lot 152, Space 2 SACKS, Grace (I1386)
493 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2037)
494 Hanover, Massachusetts.  Annual Report of the Town Officers of the Town of Hanover for 1881.  Rockland:  J. S. Smith, Book and Job Printer, 1882. Source (S164)
495 He completed four years of college. MACDONALD, Donald Peter (I859)
496 He died a widower at age 39 years 4 months 17 days. He cut his throat with a razor. He was found dead in bed in a shocking condition by a girl who took his breakfast to him. He had been in ill health some time and weary of life, which was the cause of his rash deed. ROSSITER, John J. (I1121)
497 He died at age 2 years 9 months 14 days. ROSSITER, James (I1297)
498 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I42)
499 He was born in the neighborhood of South Boston. GOOKIN, Sylvester Roger (I33)
500 He was traveling with his wife, Anna, in Mexico and died at the Del Rio Motel. MCCOIG, Harry Lorn (I245)

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